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Design Drafting

Utilising state of the art 3D modelling software packages from Autodesk, TEKLA and Bentley

our design draftsmen create accurate and complete 3D models and detail drawings.

This ability affords our clients an extended design capability within their own businesses, without the need for software, machines, and full time drafting resources.


We take your sketch, idea, or general arrangement plans and create a full scale built 3D model with a comprehensive bill of materials for estimating material and build costs.


This environment allows us to walk through the model with our clients and flag any potential construction issues at design phase.


Flexibility and the ability to design within a finite set of constraints make us the right fit for your project. From intricate mechanical items, bespoke covers and housings right down to custom tools and machined items for those specific jobs.

One on one consultation will quickly reveal the best approach with respect to the time, budget and functional limitations.


At Createch Industries we understand that the accuracy and logical layout of the arrangement drawings and details are critical.

From Site Erection Drawings, General Arrangements, Sub Assembly Details, Weldments and Loose Item Details to Machining Details we provide complete construction documentation solutions.

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