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Mechanical Engineering

Complete design of Mechanical Systems, conveyors, diverters, hydraulic/pneumatic gates, actuators, process piping systems, pressure vessels, high volume storage vessels.


Design of centrifugal fans, blowers and positive displacement pumps.


Speciality design of Oil, Gas & Energy related equipment such as Air-Cooled and Tube/Shell Heat Exchangers, Thermal Oxidisers and Gas Liquid Separators.

Through coordination of our software packages we can create entire systems in 3D and conduct in-depth FEA and CFD of models ensuring code/design specification compliance prior to creation of detailed design documentation for fabrication.

Guarding Systems for safety and access control of machinery are designed to AS4024.

Tank Design to API650, 620, AS1692, AS1210 and ASME BPVC.

Pumps & Rotating Equipment to API610, 686 ASME B73.1/73.3, API 674/675 and API 681.

Heat Exchanger Design to API660, API661, TEMA, AS1210 and ASME B.P.V.C.

Pressure vessel and storage vessel design are carried out along with nozzle load analysis and thermal stress analysis of designed vessels. Process piping design, orifice/restrictor plate design and burst pressure analysis of piping systems using stress analysis software.

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