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Civil Structural Engineering

Design of complex steel structures, composite structures, concrete structures, masonry structures conforming to relevant codes.


Structural Steel designed to AS4100, AS4600, AS3990, AISC 360-10, Eurocode EC3.


Stack Design to ASME STS-1, CICIND (Committee For Industrial Chimneys) codes respectively.

Consultation and conformance to the applicable Australian Standards for design actions as noted in AS1170.0.

Civil Design of concrete sub-structures, foundations and footings on all types of soils.

Engineering analysis capabilities in areas such as:
Finite Element Analysis (F.E.A); we provide structural and thermal assessment of steel and composite structures, reinforced concrete and refractory material. Structural optimisation of equipment exposed to fatigue due to static and dynamic stresses.

Comprehensive structural engineering analysis of dynamic stresses experienced during various process conditions.

Specialist design of equipment support structures and civil foundations for Oil, Gas and Energy production facilities.


Certification and compliance services available along with design verification services.

Structural Audits including Platforms and Walkways Audits to AS1657:2018. 

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